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About Me

Giselle Dougan is currently studying towards her B.S in Software Engineering. She has an associate’s in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, with certificates in Android Development. As of today, her experience lies with the React tech stack, Unity, and scripting as well as environmental design, go-to marketing and automation, and data management.

With roots in Seattle & San Diego, she hopes to inspire younger people of color communities; as well as other minority groups through her projects and content.

Latest Projects

  • Lost Labyrinth

    One of my favorite accomplishments to this day has been my work on the small-scale video game Lost Labyrinth. This was a project built from scratch utilizing the Unity environment. This was a group effort split among 5 developers. Within the span of ten weeks, we built a 3D puzzle platformer with 3 intricate levels […]

  • The Art of Video Game Design

    Over the summer, I took on the scary task of teaching. Quite the task might I add, teaching video game design concepts to middle schoolers. These days, it is obvious that the youth have a lot more accessibility to technology, and the exponential growth of the technology sector has made this possible. Not only did […]

This is the entire reason I am becoming a Software Engineer, is to create worlds. From a young age, I knew I wanted to create things but I wasn’t sure what that meant quite yet. After being exposed to worlds such as the cute world of Animal Crossing, and the dystopian settings of games such as Halo, and Titanfall, I was enamored. I wanted to create these storylines, the visually enticing landscapes. As I grew older, I was shown engineering from all facets, but nothing seemed to fit quite as well as Software Engineering and the freedom to create. I wanted to still be able to utilize my creative side, all I needed was the technical knowledge to start. Now, here I am at the gates, ready to start. 

– Giselle